Giving the children of Louisiana voice for a better life. That's what the Louisiana Partnership for Children and Families (the Partnership) is all about.  We are a statewide advocacy organization dedicated to influencing public policy, educating parents and all the citizens of our state and making sure that the services provided are the best for our children.

How? By using the power in numbers. One voice joined with others becomes a sound that cannot be ignored. The Partnership is the group that makes up that voice. We are the advocates dedicated to helping improve a child's education, health and welfare. Because when we all improve the quality of life for the children of our state, we are actually improving the quality of life for all citizens of Louisiana, now and in the future.

The Partnership formed in 2004 and has led key initiatives focused on improving child well-being including the Child Care Quality Rating System, School Readiness Tax Credits, Louisiana Parenting Education Network, Triple P Positive Parenting Program statewide implementation, the Louisiana Alliance for Shared Services and the Louisiana Policy Institute.

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